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The Tena Valley, located in the centre of Aragon's Pyrenees, offers a great diversity of landscapes, scored by the Gallego River and comprised of high peaks, glaciars, massifs, small streams and gorges, reservoirs and one of the most important collections of lakes in the Pyrenees.
The Serrablo church and shrine route (which encompasses fourteen Mozarab and Romanesque buildings) is one of the options available. It can be accompanied by a visit to Ángel Orensanz Ethnology and Popular Arts Museum, and the Art and Architecture Museum housed in a unique castle.

The valley's towns have a number of viewpoints that offer stunning views as well as short and long hiking trails that criss-cross a good part of this area.

-Jaca is 35 minutes away. Situated at the gateway to the Pyrenees, this is a must-see city in the valley due to its history and location. Backed by beautiful, mountainous scenery, its old streets are home to early Romanesque monuments like its cathedral, which contains one of the most important Romanesque museums around, and its citadel.

-Ordesa y Monte Perdido National Park is 45 minutes away. The Ordesa Valley is where the Arazas River has carved this magnificent canyon over time, which some people compare to the Grand Canyon in Colorado. It has one of the most visited and simplest routes available: the Cola del Caballo Trail. It passes by different waterfalls (Estrecho, Cueva and Arripas).

-San Juan de la Peña Monastery is 45 minutes away. The mountain and the hollow protect this old monastery. Located in the heart of Aragon's Pyrenees Mountains is the spectacular protected space of San Juan de la Peña y Monte Oroel, with the monastery being one of its standout features and a jewel that remains from medieval times. The buildings that still stand today (which represent just a fraction of those that existed previously) are excellent examples of the successive artistic forms that were developed in the different eras in which this unique centre took shape.

-Artouste Tourist Train, France, is 10 minutes away. This miniature, toy-like train is the highest in Europe for tourists. Running at an altitude of 2000 metres, its offers you the chance to discover botanic species and rare animals as well as information about minerals.

Discover the entire valley and its high peaks. Open your eyes and ears and use your sense of smell.

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